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8 Tips to Help you Cook Healthier

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Healthy foods is a very important part to your overall wellness and health. And the way you decide to cook the foods can be a huge impact on the healthiness of it. For example, you can choose between sauteing or deep frying a zucchini. These two different cooking styles completely changes its nutritional value.

Below you’ll find eight healthy cooking tips to make a lot of the things you eat much healthier.

  • Saute
    Using a couple tablespoons of low-sodium vegetable broth can be a great replacement for oil or butter in stir fry. It will help you save you a lot of unnecessary calories and fats and it will add a nice flavor to your dish as well. For a dose of unsaturated fats, a good option would be a side salad with olive oil dressing.
  • Cut the Skinlemon
    Three ounces of chicken with the skin can have about 150 calories. However, three ounces without the skin can have as low as 50 calories. Even though the skin is very tasty, it contains to the highest amount of unhealthy saturated fats. Cooking with the skin on is a good idea to help retain the moisture inside the chicken, but remove the skin when you’re done cooking.
  • Add Citrus
    Squeezing lemons, limes, or any other type of citrus fruit is a great way to add flavor to your meal without the fat. Use this instead of butter or salad dressing on a salad. It can also be a great alternative to sugar in many cases.
  • Cut back on the Cheese
    Cheese contains a lot of fat. And when you choose a cheese which has a light flavor, more cheese is needed for flavor. So it’s a better idea to get cheese with a strong flavor where less of it is needed. This can be sharp cheddar or aged Parmesan.
  • Go Greek
    Fat-free yogurt is a very healthy alternative to sour cream. Using this as an alternative can save you as much as 45 calories for 2-tablespoons.
  • Puree the Produce
    Instead of using heavy milk, cream, butter or cheese in soups, try building up the body with pureed veges instead. This will add a lot of natural nutrients such as fiber to the dish while cutting back on calories. For example, pureed carrots can add a lot of texture to spaghetti sauce, and mixing pureed beans to a soup can thicken it up.
  • More vegetables
    When a recipe calls for a lot of crumbled cheese such as ricotta, or feta cheese you can replace these with reduced-fat cottage cheese. This helps to cut a lot of the fat and calories while still retaining the taste, texture, protein, and calcium. This can work really well if you’re baking stuffed potatoes.
  • Make your own marinade
    Instead of marinating lean meats in oil-based dressings, try marinating them in vinegar and citrus combos. Fruit juice and wine can also be used as an alternative. These help to soften and make the meat more tender. A nice tip for flavor is to season it up as well with a mix of herbs and spices. It’s also a good idea to cut the meat into strips to let the marinade have a better effect.

I hope you were able to see how easy it is to cut back on high amounts of fats while retaining a lot of the nutritional value. It’s also a great idea to get creative in the kitchen and see what other tasty recipes you can come up with!



Some Fitness Tips

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Beautiful healthy fitness woman exercisingFitness is all about getting your mind in sync with your body in order to achieve the optimal balance and lifestyle that will lead to a long and prosperous life. Now I do not mean to sound too philosophical there, but really it’s true. Some people are very good exercising. Some people will jog or lift weights every day, but they are still relatively fat. Although they work out a ton they are unable to achieve the level of fitness that they desire.

Conversely there are a lot of people who eat extremely healthy. They’re very careful about watching the types of food that they put into the body. They try to eat a good amount of veggies and fruits and healthy lean proteins, yet they have very little muscle mass and could not run a mile to save their life.

You see each of those groups do not have any balance between their exercise and their eating habits. It is the merging of these two concepts together to form a union that allows a person to achieve optimal fitness. So how can we do this?

First of all I would argue that it starts with diet. Most people have an easier time exercising, then they do having a controlled diet. This means that for most people they need to restructure the way that they think about food and the way they approach the concept of eating. Ideally you should eat between 4 to 6 meals a day that are relatively small and packed with good nutrition. Should never stuff yourself at a single meal because all that will do is deposit fat on your body.

Additionally you should make sure that the food you eat is relatively low in fat, relatively high in good protein, and predominately consists of vegetables and fruits. If you do those adjustments to your eating habits you will find that your body will heal itself much faster, your mind will be clear, and your skin will look a lot better. Now of course we need to bring the exercise aspect into this discussion.

Exercising is something that people struggle with because they think they have to do it for an incredibly long period of time to get any real benefit. That of course is a completely false assumption. There are in fact some very good exercise plans that are structured to be done in 12 minutes or less. These plans all basically revolve around the idea of interval training and getting a cardiovascular and strength training workout in a condensed period of time.

This means that if you were to do a basic routine medical push-ups, jumping jacks, crunches, dips off the back of a chair, squats, and lunges, in a sort of successive order you would be able to keep your heart rate up high enough to get a cardiovascular while the same time promoting muscular growth which will burn fat incredibly fast. This type of exercise routine when it is asked out by a healthy eating regimen is highly effective.



How to Eat Right for Proper Weight Loss

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cup-of-waterEating right is a key component to healthy weight loss. You are going to find it difficult to lose weight if you are starving yourself or constantly going over the needed calories for your body to function. Your body needs the right amount of fuel in order to burn calories and slim down. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to ensure you are eating properly.

1. Eat four to six small meals each day. Eating more often during the day is beneficial to your weight loss in a number of ways. For one, you feel full all day and are not tempted to snack. Secondly, your metabolism is running high to burn the foods that you are consistently taking in. Finally, your stomach begins to shrink with these small meals, allowing you to eat less without feeling unsatisfied.

2. Track your calories. It is difficult to know if you are getting too little or too many calories every day if you are not tracking the foods you eat. There are online websites such as that make the process of tracking super simple. They feature a database with thousands of foods pre-programmed with calorie info – all you have to do is put in what you eat and the tracker will calculate everything for you. You can even use a free app on your cell phone to track your foods on the go.

3. Include protein in your pre-workout meal. Having protein before you exercise is very important, as it helps your body perform better. You can also prevent muscle soreness, so that you aren’t putting off the gym the following day. It is important to be active daily to lose weight, so you must take good care of your body so that it can work out.

4. Drink lots of water. While it is technically not part of eating right, it will keep you from mindless snacking. Often, people mistaken thirst for hunger, so they pile on the calories when all they needed to do was drink a glass of water. Staying hydrated is also important when you get sweaty during your work outs.

5. Keep snacks on hand. Sometimes things do not go as planned, and you may not be able to eat a meal when you thought you would. Solve these issues by always having a protein bar, banana, or other healthy food in your bag. This will prevent a trip to the snack machine or convenience store, where it is very tempting to choose a candy bar over anything good for you.

As you can see, there are steps you can take when eating each day that will positively contribute to your weight loss. It is important to maintain a proper balance of food and activity, and it helps if you monitor your intake so that you aren’t starving or overeating. All in all, fuel your body with healthy foods that give it nutrients so it can perform correctly for you.